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Hello Readers! Don’t we all keep worrying about the bills and other pending payments all the time? And then there are days when we are confronted with an urgent need for money, aren’t we? Then there are also days when there’s a sale on our favorite brands. And we are left thinking about whether to splurge or stop ourselves. Now gone are the days when we would run behind banks or loan companies for our immediate monetary requirements. Did you also just wonder how? Let me tell you. Get your coffee ready to sip on while I introduce you to the best route to earn extra cash online. 

Before I started my journey on this amazing earning trick, I too would always worry about the days when I would have to pay somewhere urgently. Like every one of us millennials, I too started with a simple Google search for the same. After recklessly scrolling down 10s of search result pages, I stumbled upon the magical treasure of Affiliate Marketing

What is that? Well, Affiliate Marketing is the art of simply promoting the links to your groups, local or social media is your choice. Once you have shared your links and someone makes a purchase through them, you get paid. Yes, Every. Single. Time. Sounds good right?  So let’s dive right into the steps you can follow to start your affiliate marketing journey. P. S. It’s not as hard as it sounds! 

The first and foremost is, to identify what you would want to promote, like for a long time. It can be anything from food to fashion, gadgets to appliances, books to skincare, or even services like handmade products to organic products or even salon services. Some budding education institutes too have utilized the power of affiliate marketing to promote their services.

Now once you have set your heart on what you will promote, let’s get on to things you would require for starters. The list includes some near and dear ones, a social media account, and the will to share the awesome offers. Okay, Okay, wait I will explain in detail, and then we can head to register for the best and high-paying affiliate program.


affiliate program

Selecting the top affiliate program according to your preferences is pretty important. That is because if you were to promote something you are half interested in, the results would also be just not up to the mark. While choosing the program, things like payment models, terms, and support also hold importance. So make a choice wisely, so that you are at comfort with managing your other daily work along with affiliate marketing.


Social Gatherings

Be it school, college, or our workplace, we always have a group of people we just can’t leave behind even after leaving the place. And we have this one group of people that we are born with, our family, with which come our relatives too. And every time we do something new, these are the groups we turn to. So even with affiliate marketing, we must do the same. Start by introducing them to the products when you meet them, tell them you have offers to wait for them, and see how they get convinced with the wind. The more they are happy with the products, the more they will buy. 


Social media account

Social media which now includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Twitter, has power more than we humans could ever realize. Everyone adds people to their social media once introduced, in expectation of some likes, shares, or interactions. So this power of social media interactions can be used to convince your followers into buying through your links. From adding the link to your bio to sharing them over your stories or in direct messages, you have plenty of ways to make your promotions reach the right audiences.


Relevant groups

One more place you can promote your links is local and social media groups. If you are a college student, you might have seen multiple groups formed in your college. Join the groups that you find interesting. Because you and the other members will have a few common interests, you will be able to catch their eyes about your affiliate links and the offers they have in tow. The same goes for online groups. You will just need to identify the groups with similar activities and start by introducing your affiliate program and the links. 

Once you start following these steps, the process will properly fall in place and your affiliate marketing journey will begin. You will be paid for every sale made through your links which can range between 5 to 15%. You can just sit back and continue your work and the cash will keep flowing into your bank account. With time, you can get your friends and family also enrolled as an affiliate in case they would also want to earn easy money. 

Now that you’re aware of how you can start your affiliate marketing journey, let me make it easier for you by suggesting the first and the best affiliate marketing program. Join the Sabezy Affiliate Program today. The steps are easy to follow – Sign up. Recommend. Get Paid. It’s that simple! Just get your phone and get going.


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